Women & Rivers

Photo: Munduruku indigenous women participate in the July 2017 occupation of São Manoel hydroelectric dam in Brazil. Courtesy of Juliana Pesqueira.

Freshwater resources around the world are under threat. In our era of climate instability and increasingly severe natural and man-made environmental disasters, sustainable development and conservation of water resources will require the active participation of all those who use and depend on water – all of us.

While women often play critical roles in providing, managing and safeguarding water resources, women’s participation in decision-making over water resources remains limited. Solving today’s most pressing water issues depends on not just the participation, but the leadership, experience, and guidance of women.

The Women and Rivers Congress will celebrate women’s successes in stewarding water resources, particularly in rivers and river basins that sustain the livelihoods of millions. Women who are leaders in their communities, their businesses, and in water policy and governance will gather for this three-day Congress. Together we will create opportunities to build collaborative relationships, strategize solutions, and catalyze the integration of women’s leadership in water research, policy, management, and decision-making.