June 30 2020

By Melanie Scaife

While indigenous and local communities defending their rivers and lands often face violent repression and criminalization for their work, women who are leading these fights are met with an additional set of challenges to overcome. These challenges pervade personal, social, and political spaces. The State of Knowledge: Women and Rivers in the Mekong Region report seeks to identify these challenges, and lays out a "recipe" for successful women's leadership that addresses them. As an example of how this recipe comes to life, one woman leader in the Mekong Region, Nang Shining, tells us the story of her work to empower the youth of her community to participate in the management of their traditional natural resources.

June 18 2020

By Karen Delfau and Pichamon Yeophantong

Authors of the State of Knowledge: Women and Rivers in the Mekong Region report, Dr. Delfau and Dr. Yeophantong share their reflections on the key messages and personal meaning they found in their process of interviewing women river managers and leaders in the Mekong region.

June 17 2019

By Pai Deetes

Stories shared from the inagural Women and Rivers Congress serve as a guide for taking forward women's-led campaigns with courage and collective power.

March 7 2019

By Maureen Harris

"One woman can influence policy," says Wang Yongchen, a river defender and participant of the Women and Rivers Congress. Read more to find out how. This article originally appeared in Asia Times.